Nov. 24th, 2010

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Happy TARDIS Day everyone!
So I've had this awesome package sitting in my room for days now. And I was so very good and waited to open it and it was like Christmas Day! Look at the wonderful goodies that [ profile] peety sent me!

A wonderful TARDIS Day card, complete with button (which I promptly added to my name badge lanyard at work!) that was in a Simpsonized Doctor Who envelope!

A little knitted purple space dog wearing a bow tie!!!! with a tag that says- "I’m surprised you haven’t got a little purple space dog, just to ram home what an intergalactic wag you are." ~Dream Lord to Eleven in Amy's Choice.
As you can see, my kitten Ulysses thoroughly approves of the Space Dog and keeps trying to lick him.

She also sent me my very own Spoiler Journal. This might have to be the prompting for a River Song cosplay in the near future. :)

And along with everything else, a disappearing TARDIS coffee mug, some yummy Jammie Dodgers (labeled "Still not ginger") and some Fox's creme ginger crunch biscuits (labeled "Ginger") and some PG Tips tea that I shall have to hide from the boyfriend... and it seems the kitten.

Thank you so much Paula! You made my day! :D Our little space dog will definitely be making a trip to Chicago TARDIS this weekend to visit with more crazy Whovians. Who might, or might not, try to lick him. Who knows? THANK YOU AGAIN!!

But mommy... why you take away Purple Dog friend? I can haz? :(


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