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Guess who just finished her student teaching?!


Yesterday was my last day at Clear Creek Elementary. I'm going to miss the kids so much. I was so unsure of being an elementary librarian, but I absolutely loved it! I was so sure high school was for me that I'm really glad I had to do stints in both the elementary and high schools (poor middle school, they got left out again). The kids were just so eager to please and they just loved the library. I got so many hugs and waves and "HI MISS C!!!" and they were so great. They were so sad when I told them I was leaving and they were so confused. I had to promise I'd come back to visit next week for book fair. Most of the goodbyes went like this:

Kids: "Why are you leaving?"
Me: "Well, I have to back to the BIG SCHOOL (IU) to graduate so I can be a teacher."
Kids: "Wait, we thought you were a real teacher? You're good, you should be one."
Me: "I'm going to be and all of you helped me. That makes you really special."
Kids: "COOL!! Are you going to come back and be our librarian?"
Me: "You already have a librarian. So I'm going to have to find a new school where they need one."
Kids: "That's not fair, you should BOTH be our librarians."

LOL. That sums up almost every conversation I had with my students. Much different than my high school students.

Teen: "Wait. You're leaving? Why?"
Me: "Well, I have to do a stint at the elementary too."
Teen: "Ugh. Why? Do you want to? Do you not like high schoolers?"
Me: "I'm not sure if I want to do elementary or high school but this will help."
Teen: "You can't leave. You're too cool for little kids. They smell."
Me: "And they're sticky. But you were sticky once too."
Teen: "LOL. Yeah. Well, as long as you don't really want to leave us..."
Me: "I'll miss you guys so much! Who will get my sarcastic sense of humor and my Monty Python references during instruction?"
Teen: "Yeah... that's pretty cool. You're pretty cool for a librarian."

It was nice that the high school kids didn't want me to go. My supervisor said I had an awesome rapport with them and I think those kids of exchanges showed me that. I think they liked that I actually knew about manga (and liked it, not pretended to) and when they found out I *was* a cosplayer (I tried to downplay that I still do) and I'll be volunteering at the Anime Convention this year, they really opened up. These guys deal with so much more than we did. Half of them were trying to find apartments, a few had also lost their parents and were with grandparents, some were overachievers in band, drama and trying to get scholarships. They were rock stars!

So now, I have to finish my portfolio and my CPR training and apply for my license and then get my provisional license in Illinois and oh yeah... find a job! :)

It was a little bittersweet... my mom was so excited to see me finish. She kept saying "I can't wait until you come home!" and "I know you're going to do so well honey. I'm not worried about you at all." I just want to hear her say that again. I miss her so much... I can't believe I'm going to turn 30 this year and she won't be there.

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