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After my long trip home tonight (for my sister's baby shower), I settled in for the night and pulled up my Macbook Pro and finished the rest of the paper products for the shower. I created the invitations, the place cards, the favor tags, table numbers and even signage for the door (in case, heaven forbid, another event is going on!). Good old Adobe Illustrator. Maybe that's what started my nostalgia. You see, I've created many invitations and such for my family and friends since graduating with my BS in Graphic Design from ISU (Illinois State, for you Hoosiers, not Indiana) so I fired up the old Ruby iMac where I created them all in order to check some sizes of favor tags I'd done previously for my sisters wedding shower.

Poor old Ruby has seen better days. She'll sometimes refuse to power on. I've tried every Apple Forum support suggestion and nothing works long term. The only temporary fix (turning the whole thing upside down and then pressing power!) still only works occasionally. It's a sad thing; I love that computer. She was my first school purchase and my first Mac. The display isn't as crisp and is on it's last leg (with a green tint only a "mother" could love), she only runs 10.2, most the programs are old ::gasp:: bootlegs that require me to adjust the date in order to run, but I love her. That iMac is my college experience. The long nights staying up til 3am tweaking designs, helping to create "fan fiction" (if you can even call it that!) while in a Mountain Dew induced frenzy and freaking out when my second gen iPod (yup, 2001-04!) wasn't ejected before shutting down and causing a meltdown when she wouldn't start back up.

I've been putting her to sleep mode, since i dont know if she'll boot back up, and leave her on while I'm at school. I'm a grad student now, with a bright shiny Macbook Pro running legal copies, with 10.4 and an iPhone synced to it. But my fondest memories are connected to my Ruby. She's been to my first dorm, running OS 9; my first apartment, back and forth to school; to my first co-habitation and back home when it ended in tears; to my second dorm room, 4 hours away from the first and now she sits back in my room, fighting to the last. If I had the money, I'd spend the $500 or so to try to fix her... but I don't.
My first iMac...

So tonight, I woke her up and opened Illustrator 9 and started my trip down memory lane...

This has gone on for a bit, so I'll end it here with a promise to continue tomorrow. I'm typing on my iPhone and missing how fast I could type with my old Sidekick.. which is charging on my nightstand. But that's a trip for tomorrow!



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