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Argh!! I can't believe CCC is so close! I just wanted to post a quick, very crappy picture of my Firefly Zoe cosplay. I planned on doing the "wide leather belt" version that she wears in "The Train Job" (among other episodes, seen here at Serenify) because I couldn't find the leather vest/shirt nor did I think I could make it at this time.

I found a pair of dark brown pants (capris so that I would have less material to try to shove in a tall boot) and a red knit collared shirt at the Goodwill. I also found a pair of boots, but they don't fit my big fat calves, so they're the last ditch "if I can't find ANYTHING ELSE" option. I won't be able to tuck the pants in, but I took the picture with that look and I don't think it's tooooo bad.

As you might have noticed, though... there is no Wide Leather Belt. The one I ordered from ebay came on time, but it is a lot smaller than I thought and when I tried to stretch it to the desired size, the cheap leather pieces that were sewed into the elastic (think my Donna belt but with leather bits sew over the elastic to try to give it the illusion of leather) popped off and it looked horrible. I've decided that if I'm not totally happy with a costume piece, I'm not wearing it. I'm not going to look bad just for the sake of "authenticity."

So, I'm wearing my corset under the shirt to help with the non-Zoe extra midsection. I think it looks kinda hot, very hourglass Warrior Woman, no? LOL. I'm going to look around at Torrid or Lane Bryant for a plus-size belt, but if not, I'm going without it.

I'm worried thought that the mare's leg rifle toy I ordered isn't going to make it on time! I didn't notice the 2 to 2 1/2 week shipping. 2 weeks would be right before Saturday, but I'm worried it's not going to come. It looks pretty sweet. I'm going to have to do a quickie holster belt, since the one that comes with it will NEVER fit, but we'll do what we can.

Otherwise, I'm just in need of something to do with my hair. I really don't want to wear a wig, but I'm not sure how to get my hair curly, poofy like Zoe's... ideas anyone of my cosplay gods/goddesses? Then I just need to buy a length of cord for her necklace and I think we're good to go.
Whew! Is it Saturday yet?


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