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As promised, here's some photos from the flooding we got last week in downtown Bloomington. For those of you unfamiliar with B-town, Kirkwood is the main drag where the bars are located, as well as the public library and, my favorite, Noodles & Co. Apparently a few years back they did some heavy duty construction (known as the Big Dig) to fix Kirkwood from flooding... yeah... they did a great job as you can see...

One of the worst part being, that those parking spots are prime parking. So you know those people were really excited to get such good spots... and now they have their own personal ark. The Public Library started taking on water in the Children's Department, but thankfully there wasn't much more than soggy carpet to deal with. The department is in the sub-basement and the water started filling up against the glass and the kids were like "Oh! It's like in the aquarium!" LOL.

I love this one, of the kids kayaking down Jordan River... which is normally not really more than a creek... a bit further down a kid was just chilling in the middle of Indiana Ave on an innertube... like ya do.

The Indiana Daily Student has a great slideshow of pictures from downtown Bloomington at

The streets outside my apartment took on a fair share of water, which they always do even in just a regular rainy day. Of course this meant a few abandoned cars who tried to wade through it. Thankfully we didn't get anything like Martinsville this past weekend.... but it sure was a sight to see...
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Perhaps you turned on the news and noticed the news clip saying "Indiana is flooded." Well, although Indiana isn't as large as some states, the whole state in not flooded... only the roads to my town are.

Bloomington was relatively unscathed this time. Last week we had a huge flood right near the heart of downtown IU. The main drag (where the bars are located) was flooded up to the car windows and I personally witnessed a man in an innertube just wading around the downtown streets (as well as people kayaking down the creek that goes through campus). Pictures coming tomorrow...

Martinsville is the the town just north of us and they got hammered. It was weird to see the Starbucks I stop at on the way home to Chicago floating like an island. Hopefully the rain will hold off enough to let the folks dry off. Apparently, Martinsville got hit by a huge tornado in 2003 and now this...

Lesson I've learned: Never live in Martinsville.


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