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So another day at the reference desk, another update. I really have nothing interesting to post, I'm just super bored. I should be studying for my midterm (yes, you heard right. Stupid Ed classes have midterms? Ugh.) but I don't wanna. Nor do I want to read or knit or do anything. I'm that bored.

Did my taxes and filed my Fafsa. In theory, this should be the last FAFSA I need to ever fill out. Then again, I've said that before. I'm getting a nice chunk from my taxes that will be going to pay off that pesky London trip and other assorted things of need/'want. I still need to file in Illinois and Indiana, since the "free" filing from the gov't doesn't include state taxes and TurboTax wanted to charge me $25 per state to do them. Umm... that's close to all I'd be getting back from them, thanks. So now to figure out how to do that. I think I'll just head to the public library to get the forms for non-residents for IN and file IL online. I guess. Ugh.

The best part about filling out the FAFSA? When they told me my estimated family contribution was $0. I'm that poor. LOL, that's never happened to me before and it made me chuckle.

I'm so done mentally with this semester. In fact, I'm getting sick of Bloomington in general. Not that this town isn't SO much better than Bloomington-Normal, but I'm just done with being so far away from my friends. And now that my library friends are starting to graduate and leave, I'm feeling a bit lonely too. But I'm already plannnig for the summer. Moving into a new apartment with cheaper rent, FINALLY going to visit [profile] mind_bottling in Orlando in May! Woot! Sadly, that week would have been the Disney's Pirates & Princesses Week (I found out from some awesome forums) but stupid Disney cancelled that. Boo to you Disney! We had a blast being all piratey and saying "AVAST!!" and "I BE NEEDING SOME BOOTY!"... lol. But more importantly I get to spend some time with Jen that's longer than a few hours at her house over a holiday.

Hmm... what else? Ugh. That's it. I'm soooooooooooooooo bored!!! I guess I could go knit some more. On the plus side, I'm over 300 stitches so far! Don't you love how annoyingly accurate this progress bar is? LOL

You know what makes me happy? My kitten has been sleeping curled up next to my head again (and sometimes with his paws across my throat) nuzzling against my face. That's a nice way to fall asleep, even if when he wakes up he steps on my throat and wakes me up. LOL, price you pay for having an adorable kitten I guess.

Maybe more later... not sure :)


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