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Well, I'm finally onto a red stripe! Not too shabby for my first knitting project ever, I'd have to say! I'll post some pictures when I get a chance, since it looks much more impressive in person... well... not really impressive... ;)

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Day 1- My first 14 rows!

Poor Ulysses. I wouldn't let him play with my needles so he took a nap. But I was able to finish my first 14 rows of knitting EVER! Yay!!! I even changed colors. No disasters so far, but it's early still. 8 rows of purple and 6 rows of the next color block of tan/ash (which is a total of 52 rows)... thankfully I bought a counter because I'd lose count so fast...

I should have been doing homework but I did this instead. Bad bad grad student...

doctor who progress bar
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Closer to the real color..., originally uploaded by electrastarr.

Yay!! My first package of yarn arrived today from Woolworks. They were the only place that had the green I needed in stock. Of course, the other store that "had" all the others was out of this and now it turns out is out of a few colors I ordered from them. They said they should have some in within the week. I hope so, I'm itching to get started!!


Sep. 28th, 2008 08:15 pm
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Well I just both my yarn online for my Doctor Who Scarf... all 16 skeins of it!!! Gah!!! I said "Matthew, are you sure you don't want me to shorten it, since you are OBVIOUSLY not as tall as Tom Baker?" And was met with a look of utter disdain. So yes... 16 ft scarf at the ready.

It won't be in in time for the start of the Knit Along, but that's okay. I should be doing homework and class related things, but since I'm too poor and strapped for time to cosplay or even make a Halloween costume this year (boo!), this is my excuse to remain cosplay...ey? Timey-wimey? Wot?

Sorry... it's really really slow at the reference desk right now. Library school readings are boring my head off right now so I'm blogging instead of doing homework.

I'll post pics when I get the yarn. I had to order from two different places because one was out of one of the colours. Figures, huh?

Sigh.. back to readings on Evaluation of Library Collections and Services... ::dies::

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Yes, I'm going to attempt it... Thanks to the fabulous people at [ profile] who_knits and their annual Knit Along... The Scarf... Season 12... hopefully finished in time for Matthew's birthday (February). Which will give me enough practice on the garter stitch than I'll ever need. And be helpful for future Whovian Cosplay...

Now to go buy some yarnage... there is a cool yarn store here in town but I'm a little intimidated to go in there. I hate going into stores that are empty, especially when I'm not really sure what I'm doing (oh yeah, did I mention my knitting prowess consists of little squares that never end up square?). They have lots and lots of pretty colors. I found some of the colors online, but of course, one is out of stock. D'oh!

I figure with a whole group attempting it, it'll at least be fun even if I mess up :)

Here's a Progress Bar to keep track of... we're at 0% right now... LOL

doctor who progress bar


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