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I am a bad library student...

Well... kinda...well... I've started losing my motivation for this summer session. It's my own fault of course, having two jobs, two classes and a workshop over the course of the summer. Then I adopted my kitten, Ulysses. Matthew and I haven't gotten to hang out and do anything "fun" since our trip to Nashville. Plus we're trying to get things set up for the fall semester orientation for the student chapter of ALA. And of course, various conventions, friend commitments and weddings. Gah.

I'm working on a presentation due next Wednesday on Book Talking, and if you know me, I can definitely talk about books. So for my information literacy/Education of Information Users class, I decided to do my presentation on how to give a Book Talk. Not exactly Information Literacy, more like just plain literacy. But the professor did just say a literacy topic... so I'm going with it. So now if I could only get motivated to actually... do it. Ugh.

I need a break. Not to mention I need to get  my act in gear and start studying for the PRAXIS exam I meant to take this summer, which is rapidly coming to a close. I hate standardized testing, not to mention spending the $150 odd to take it. And did I mention when I try to transfer to Illinois they're going to make me take the Illinois Basic Skills Test TOO! Because a national test isn't good enough for Illinois... Nooooooo! It'll be nice to have a week or two off before fall semester. I also have my first graduate-level education class ::shudder:: Nevermind I've never taken an education class to begin with and that I'll probably be one of the few (if not only) librarian in the class.

On a non-SLIS front, I'm about done with "Freaks & Geeks" which is really great. I have a crush on Seth Rogan. And it's weird to see Sam grown up and acting on "Bones" as Dr. Sweets. LOL. I wish I had such fond memories of high school. 

I'm thinking of embarking on a marathon of watching every (available) Doctor Who episode in order. Crazy, I know. But I was thinking of attempting to blog about the process (since I am a dork)... hence the new layout. I'm going to manipulate the header eventually... suggestions for what it should say are welcome. 

Also, I need to get back in sewing mode. I miss it. I'm also wishing I could do more "crafty" things, so I'm thinking of picking up my knitting again. Of course, I've forgotten everything I taught myself. Oh well.

And for no reason whatsoever, I'm showing off my new mood theme with the funniest one... weird. LOL


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