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This Thanksgiving was filled with homework, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and lots and lots of homework. But not too bad. I'm getting close to being almost done with my inquiry project. Which is a waste of 20 points. You heard me, all this work is worth 20 points. Sigh. Oh well. It seemed that there were tons of geeky marathons on televsion. TBS & TNT kept showing Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. I started to Twitter my commentary to LOTR because I got so bored with lesson plans. It reminded me of when the Two Towers was out in theatres and <lj user="myladydisdain"> saw it 12 times over the span of about two months. We went once or twice a week to the cheap show out in Bloomington, IL. Almost every time the theatre was empty so we could do our own running commentary and I could try to warn Haldir so he wouldn't die (again) and we'd sway to the Ent Moot. Once there was a lone creepy guy who sat right behind us and laughed at us the whole time. Both fun and creepy.

So as I was doing this horrible lesson plan/inquiry unit, I stumbled upon a site at the Internet Archive called the Wayback Machine. Basically its tried to archive the internet so future generations can use it as a primary source. Weird to think. So for fun, I checked to see if it had indexed the very first website I ever made....

And it did. Now, keep in mind, that I have been obsessed with professional wrestling since the age of 5. And when I finally got the internet, the first thing I did was to teach myself HTML to make myself a website dedicated to my favorite wrestler. This version was from 1999 (I was 19, yes a dork) but I believe it was first created at 16. So don't pass too much judgment.... and hey, for a while, it was rated the number 1 site for that wrestler on the internets. Which was obviously very very small at the time....

I give you, the earliest incarnation of my first website

More versions of the site through the years... )

I closed the site in 2002 (?) but every now and then I STILL get email from people asking me if I'm Shawn Michaels. LOL. I don't own the domain anymore, just the old version on angelfire. So embarassing.Yet kind of fun to see. Anyone else brave enough to post their first sites gets kudos from me. :)

Here's where you can look at your web past!

What this shows me is that I have always had an obsessive personality and I will always have one. If it's not wrestling, then it's cosplay, or Lord of the Rings, or Doctor Who or Twilight (or just all urban fantasy books in general!).

Okay, back to work and inquiry. Ewwww..... :)


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