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No... not that kind. The kind coming from a patron sitting right near the Reference Desk... He is breathing so loud! Mouth-breathers. Ugh. My life is so exciting right now. Except for the part where it totally isn't. Sigh.

Went home this weekend. Got to see Jaymie for brunch at Mimi's Cafe, which was really good. My mother somehow (because she's my mother) fell and damaged her tendons and can't walk. So we didn't get to do anything for her 60th birthday. Matthew's nephew got baptized. He's so cute, but he's afraid of anyone with a mustache or beard. Yup, he cries anytime Matt looks or talks to him. LOL. We had yummy cake and Chinese to celebrate Matt's birthday and his mom & dad's birthdays.

I got Matt the complete collection of Pee-wee's Playhouse for his birthday. Cuz what's better for your 30th than something completely ridiculous? :) I guilted Matt into buying me this awesome Cthulhu doll from the local nerd store.

Cupid Cthulhu! LOL. It was a pretty busy weekend and I ate tons of food.

My sister liked the little hat I knitted her for the baby and she also seemed to like the pregnancy journal I bought her. If she actually did is another story because, well, that's my sister.

I finally got my Doctor Who scarf yarn back! I brought it to work to do some knitting while it's slow. Even though I should be doing readings. Yuck.

I also totally realized I forgot to buy tickets for ACEN. I also didn't get a hotel again. That's not that much of a big deal, but I hate standing in the registration line of doom. I also haven't bought tickets for the ALA Conference in Chicago, but that's going to take a chunk of money that I don't have so it's understandable, right?

I'm going to have to get ANOTHER loan for the last summer class I need to take and to pay for my rent for the extra months I'll need to add so I have the place until August. Blargh.

Ummm... yeah. That's it. I think I'll go scour ebay for things I can't afford :)

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I don't remember how many instances are required to call something a trend... but don't count on my remembering to update twice in one week as a trend. I will be bound to disappoint soon ;)

Today has been a good day, which is surprising considering it didn't start so well last night. I'm all ready for bed and about to go to sleep when my lovely neighbor decides to have a party on a Monday night. Okay, whatever. Other neighbor has had party with music and it wasn't that bad. But due to the unconditionally warm weather here in Southern Indiana, my windows were open and the neighbor decided it would be a fine idea to have a cake fight outside the front door, complete with running and screaming and pieces of strawberry cake and icing stuck to the floor. Lovely. Don't you people have class or jobs?! Thankfully, once the the cake ran out, they went back inside. They were so loud that Matthew could hear them in his apartment across the street.

Before that, I had a bit of a freak-out about the PRAXIS. I'm not a standardized test taker. They freak me out and I tend to do horribly on them, regardless of how smart I may be ;).

But, thankfully, I totally kicked that PRAXIS I test's ass! Pwnage! I needed a 172 and 174 in Math and Reading (respectively) and I got a 181 in Math and a 184 in Reading. You can't see it, but I'm doing a happy dance here at the reference desk... which is probably why everyone is looking at me weirder than usual. I still have to wait a month for the writing scores, and I'm a bit worried since the essay was a bit confusing as to what kind of format they wanted (narrative or straight up 5 paragraph essay). Not like Illinois State University's easy ass Writing Skills test, which gave you a choice on the prompt and was pretty straight forward. And the PRAXIS was all on the computer, which was weird since the font was total 1980's style Mac font. Threw me a bit...

So fingers crossed that all they really want to see is that I can form complete sentences without the use of ellipses. Which I can do... but not in my blog because I do what I wanna do here :)

And, it looks like I finally got a sub for this weekend so I can hitch a ride with Matthew for his nephew's christening and my mom's 60th birthday this weekend. Oh and Matt's 30th birthday too, but don't mention that, he's a bit crabby about it ;) I think Ulysses misses the puppies at home so it'll be good for him to visit. And I can pick up my Doctor Who Scarf yarn!!! YAY!!! :) That's really the only reason I want to go home, you know ;)

Oh and my mother somehow tripped over her own two feet and torn the tendons on the top of her left foot. She is now a gimp with a limp and crutches. I hope you're all imagining my mom telling me that story in her "Sarah Palin" / Upper Peninsula voice. I about died...
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Closer to the real color..., originally uploaded by electrastarr.

Yay!! My first package of yarn arrived today from Woolworks. They were the only place that had the green I needed in stock. Of course, the other store that "had" all the others was out of this and now it turns out is out of a few colors I ordered from them. They said they should have some in within the week. I hope so, I'm itching to get started!!


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